Why Buy With Eden Realty?

We Get You

Buying a property can be a daunting prospect, especially if this is your first home purchase. Between open houses to visit, thousands of print and online advertisements to read and significant financial decisions to make, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. That is why we make searching for and securing your dream property as easy as possible.

When you speak to Eden Realty, we can provide you with further information about the properties that best suit your lifestyle and help you streamline your search. You may be interested in finding properties that are rural, beach side, in the bush, central, modern or classic, accessible to schools, restaurants or amenities.

Enlisting the help of a trusted real estate agent can help you navigate the often-complicated real estate world. Eden Realty has a unparalleled level of knowledge to provide you with advice and assistance relevant to the local real estate market and surrounding areas.

We are here to support you through every stage of the property buying process, including finding a property within your price range, supplying you with reports and searches and helping you arrange other services needed when purchasing a property such as finance, conveyancing and service connections.

Where Do I Start?

When it comes to buying a property, the first thing you'll need to do is list what you are looking for and determine your budget, list features that are deal breakers and features that you could look past, for the right price. Fill out our Priority Buyer Form and we can run a property match to find you with properties related to your interests.

Everyone looks for different types of properties to suit their lifestyles. For example, first home buyers may look at smaller, more budget friendly properties to begin their real estate journey. Growing families may be looking to upgrade to a larger house in an area closer to schools and work. Sea-Changers look to have an ocean view and the smell of the sea, whilst those seeking privacy may prefer remote acreage outside of town.

Regardless of your price range, or property preferences, you'll find Eden Realty’s portfolios offers a range of real estate listings with which Glenn Brunette can assist you with the research and data you need to make your decision. You can also discuss your financial and investment priorities - including immediate rent return, capital gain, lifestyle or any combination of these factors.

Make sure you have spoken to your preferred bank or broker about finance before you put in any property offers, otherwise this could delay the sales process dramatically and sometimes lose the sale.

From inquiry to settlement, Eden Realty can take the stress and complication out of the property purchasing process turning your real estate dream a reality.